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Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus

oh my fucking god. what the fuck. i just finished watching the last chapter,which is fucking perfect let me tell you. and yes,i’m such a fan of this anime,i can’t believe is so perfect. the whole arc left me like…crying and laughing hysterically. Ciel is the most incredible thing in this world,I just…wow,he blows me away every time. he’s so…wow.

it was magnificent. pure perfection.




i wont title this or put album art

but because you are emo trash you will recognize it



JFC i just broke up qith my boyfriend and it was the scariest shit ever. he went all suicidal saying he has nothing without me,he wants to throw away the cat because it reminds him of us and he said he was at the hospital and did stupid stuff.

he’s so…fuck,idek i’m scared for him. but again,i don’t want to be with him,i did what i think was right. and i don’t regret it even if it’s weird the things he said.



do you ever get that horrible feeling in your stomach because you can’t imagine anyone ever falling in love with you and wanting to spend the rest of their life with you

*uses tumblr mobile for 5 minutes*



*images dont load*
*battery drains to 30% scrolling through grey boxes*

*uses 2 gigs of data*

The other day I was sitting with my mother (which is pretty remarkable since we never spend time together just the two of us) watching “Think Like A Man Too”.

It was going alright,we drooling over Michael Ealy and I said “I love black men,damn. Their backs,their smiles,bla bla” and she said: “No! I don’t like them! I don’t stand black people,him because he’s undeniable pretty,but just him.”

I told her: “You’re racist,you don’t like black people,you don’t like Asian people.” She said “Yes I am,I don’t mind,I don’t know anyone who’s black or asian.” I just told her: “I don’t understand how I’m like this if you’re like that. I’m far from that,I don’t even know how I’m so open minded about people,you’re so judgamental.”

This was her answer: “I don’t care,you live in another world,the Internet is not the real world. Now shut up and let me watch.”